Vestige Collective / by Kellie O'Dempsey


Vestige Collective
Wonkytooth dub @ Station Street Studios
June 2014

Kellie O’Demspey in collaboration with choreographer and dancer Tanya Voges together investigate new forms in Hybrid art production via dance, live performance and drawing.

This collaboration has had the Choreographic Research Residency, Tasters / Testers  with Critical Path (Choreographic Research Centre Sydney).

Together developing performance and choreographic strategies Choreographer Tanya Voges and Visual artist Kellie O’Dempsey were in mentorship with New Media Expert Mic Gruchy, Dramaturg Martyn Coutts and Cognitive Psychologist Dr Kate Stevens. The production team also included the work of film maker Tim Standing, Technical designer Paul Osbourne, Sound artist Michael Dick and photographer Maylei Hunt.

Vestige Collective is the collaborative vehicle through which innovative applications in digital manipulation and audience participation are utilised to create an inclusive and interconnected form of cultural interaction that is available to a broad cross section of the community to generate narratives that are unique to location. These stories are responded to through dance, new media projection, live feed video and sound. A montage of shared experiences becomes transformed into a mesmerising theatrical encounter.

The unique way that Vestige Collective combines the analogue (drawing and dance) and digital (projections and audience sourced data) the vision for this project can be realised to create an emergent multi-faceted performance that fuses physical and virtual performance modalities. In developing this cross-disciplinary work designed for broad cultural audiences and diverse spaces, Vestige Collective will generate an inclusive form of cultural experience.


Photographer •  Maylei Hunt
Videographer • Tim Standing