Outside the Lines / by Kellie O'Dempsey

Image credit: Jono Searle


Outside the Lines
Performance: 24 May 2019 | Exhibition: 10 May - 11 Aug 2019
Museum of Brisbane as part of BAD Festival | Brisbane, QLD
Kellie O’Dempsey | Sound: Mick Dick | Performers: Saara Roppola and Maris Georgiou

Immerse yourself in a haven of colour, light and sound, as performance and installation artist Kellie O’Dempsey places audiences right in the middle of her artwork, which fuses digital drawing, performance, animated video projection and sound.

For BRISBANE ART DESIGN (BAD), Kellie teamed up with sound designer Mick Dick and performers Saara Roppola and Marisa Georgiou to perform new work and engage in discussions about their co-operative making process.

Links: Instagram | Brisbane Art and Design (BAD)


Credits | Photographer: Jono Searle