Moving Through / by Kellie O'Dempsey

Photographer: Lois Lim | Performer: Marisa Georgiou

Photographer: Lois Lim | Performer: Marisa Georgiou


Moving Through
Performance at Flowstate | Brisbane, Australia
Saturday 27 October & Sunday 28 October 2018
Kellie O’Dempsey | Sound: Mick Dick | Performers: Saara Rappola & Marisa Georgiou
Produced by Metro Arts and South Bank Corporation 
Funded by Australia Council for the Arts

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Moving Through is a spirited, site-generated image and sound performance that imagines the intermediate space between this life and the next.

Performance installation artist Kellie O’Dempsey draws on a personal tale that reveals importance of ritual when dealing with death. Moving Through maps a guided journey of departure and brings the space to life using digital drawing and animated video projection with physical performers and sound.

Moving Through culminates in two stunning and visceral evening performances.

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Videographer: Thomas Oliver

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Credit | Videographer and Photographer: Thomas Oliver