Draw/Delay – White Night Festival Melbourne / by Kellie O'Dempsey


Draw/Delay • White Night Festival Melbourne 2015
Caledonian Lane, Melbourne CBD
7pm to 7am, February 2015

Artists: Kellie O’Dempsey and Michael Dick

Draw/delay is a performance drawing and sound installation which reveals the workings of art-making as both a public and private event. Through live drawing and seductive audio manipulation, the romantic notion or myth of the artist in the studio is exposed.

An improvised collaboration with musician Mick Dick, artist Kellie O’Dempsey responds directly to sound and the immediate environment with live performance, marks on paper and digital drawing. Along with video and audio installation, the audience are invited to engage directly with the visceral process of creating. O’Dempsey investigates the uncanny, aiming to enable a playful and inclusive form of interaction.

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White Night Melbourne 2015: Up all night for dusk till dawn party
February 22, 2015
Cameron Woodhead

Almost every alleyway held a niche event – some trash, some treasure. The best of them was Kelly O’Dempsey and Mick Dick’s Draw/Delay – a beautiful fusion of live drawing, digital art and music that exposed the creative process to a public, and participatory, gaze.

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White Night Melbourne 2015: The best of an all-night spectacle
Debbie Cuthbertson
February 21, 2015

A small scale highlight of
the night came from a live art and music collaboration between digital sound man Mick Dick and painter Kellie Dempsey. Taking place on Caledonian Lane with milk crates for seats, the show was aimed at exposing the process of making art. Dempsey delivered in spades using both a projected e-tablet along along with angular and deft brushstrokes on the canvas. Dick’s soundtrack was suitably mesmerising.



Experiencing Draw/delay at Caledonian Lane  
Katherine Lim

RED AND BLACK ARCHITECT (online magazine)

Draw/Delay saw traditional drawing artwork collide with multimedia to create a performance piece. This event explored the artistic methods of drawing as a performance piece. The collaboration between artist Kellie O’Dempsey and musician Mick Dick, was an action collage with sketches on paper projected on to a wall merged with simultaneous paint brushed directly upon the ‘canvas’, all set to a moody soundtrack. The live nature of this event showcased the creative process of the artist rather than just the ‘finished product’ making it an ideal inclusion in the White Night programme.


Photographers · Georgina Tait