Dis/close / by Kellie O'Dempsey


Kellie O’Dempsey
2014, Digital video, 4:23 minutes (performance photographs)

This work aims to discuss the relationship between the individual and the constant manipulation of facts by the media and governing political powers, which appear to conceal l and blindfold the populace. In silence, through a game of reveal and conceal, the environment and the appearance of an individual is transformed through digital drawing exposing the head of a man in disquiet and contemplation. The hand drawn, pixelated lines consistently uncover, redefine and blur what is actually available to us. Through the process of drawing as enquiry I identify and investigate the interconnected experience of human engagement. Using the Tagtool (live digital drawing and animation device) I aim to translate those elements into a drawn video work that allows an authentic process of collaboration and improvisation. The outcome, a strange, poetic intervention of the digital drawing that uncovers, confuses and transforms an isolated man.

Describing her work as a Performance Drawing practice, O’Dempsey aims to enable an inclusive form of cultural interaction via interdisciplinary performance and play. Hybrid in form, O’Dempsey’s practice incorporates projection, video, collage, architecture, gestural line and digital drawing. Investigating notions of transformation and the uncanny, she collaborates with performers combining hand drawn marks with digital projection and live animation. Experimental and emergent, O’Dempsey invites the audience to engage directly with the visceral process of making.


Photographer and Videographer • Kris Garner