Botanica / by Kellie O'Dempsey

Photographer: Cian Sanders

Photographer: Cian Sanders


10 May 2019 (Live performance)
City Botanic Gardens as part of Botanica by Night | Brisbane, QLD
Kellie O’Dempsey | Sound: Mick Dick | Performers: Saara Roppola and Maris Georgiou

Kellie O’Dempsey invites you to witness this live performance experience as part of Botanica by Night.

Kellie creates live performance drawings from a responsive exchange between line, sound and movement. In drawing and animating live lines of light across the surface of the gardens, O'Dempsey simulated the energy of molecules vibrating and growing under the surface of the trees.

Employing analogue and digital drawing techniques, the works respond and navigate the physical space in which they are made. Her visible process fuses the act of drawing and the experience of time. The drawings that result are constantly evolve in a state of becoming.

Botanica exhibition is a unique, site-specific curated contemporary art exhibition. Set within Queensland’s heritage garden, providing a complex historical backdrop, the City Botanic Gardens acts as a living museum. Botanica was a signature event of the Museum of Brisbane's inaugural Brisbane Art Design (BAD) festival.

Links: Botanica | Brisbane Art and Design (BAD) | Instagram

Credits | Photographers: Cian Sanders / Faces of Brisbane