Monafoma -large

Thursday 19 January @ PW1 Hobart

Cultural skeptics like to think art and music do not mix ‘and never the twain shall meet’. Well, Kellie O’Dempsey is an artist who is out there to prove them wrong. Collaborating with musicians and aided by projections she captures on canvas, or Perspex, or whatever surface takes her fancy, she produces figurative lines, rhythms and forms through vibrating sound. Expect nothing less than an audio-visual riot.



Kellie O’Dempsey and  Musician Mick Dick performed with festival curator Brian Richie (Violent Femmes and The Break)  and the Tasmanian Improvisers Orchestra produced an extraordinary  experiential installation.  On 40 meters of paper to the sounds of 2 double Basses, Shakahachi, Tuba, Trombone, Saxophone ,Tabla  and percussion of Lindsay Arnold,  Kellie wielded hand drawn lines of ink, paint, charcoal.  Finishing with digital projections to John Cage’s “Ryoanji” which is a musical depiction of a Japanese rock garden to a captivated audience of  over 800.

The musicians were:

Don Bate-Trombone

Tim Jones-Tuba

Danny Healey-soprano sax and Chinese flute

Linzee Arnold-drums (Linzee is also a very prominent visual artist, search him)

Sam Dowson-tabla and percussion

Nick Haywood-double bass

Brian Richie-shakuhachi

 Photographer Georgina Tait