Photo Bek Kinsey


11th – 26th February 2012

                     Kellie O’Dempsey & Mick Dick                                                                                         Photograph Georgina Tait

                                     DRAW, ANIMATE AND MIX SOUNDS LIVE ON THE BEACH

Photo Bek Kinsey

Kellie O’Dempsey’s vast scope of work spans international platforms – Berlin, Brisbane, Melbourne, London, Shanghai – and a wide range of locations.

She has practiced in situ from rehearsal studios of a ballet company, rock festivals, thespians in The Barbican Theatre, to commuters in a subway at peak hour.

“I make action drawings combining performance and projections. In drawing I invite the audience to watch images evolve and transform time and space.”

At Bleach expect Live drawing, expanding lines of light, improvised and electro samples and animation. Fresh from a performance at MONA FOMA in Hobart, Kellie O’Dempsey teams with improvisational musician and tag-tool animator Mick Dick to draw directly on Elephant Rock with light.

Together they will create a vast illuminated artwork which will be a direct response to the audience, the ocean and the landscape. See it l