I seek and make available an inclusive and interconnected form of cultural interaction between artists, the act of drawing as performance and the audience.

Moving Lines: a taste

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Moving Lines: in depth

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@ 4Fold Gallery Space, 1 Norris Street Lismore

Performance: 26th March 2011

Crew: Joe Jurd ( dance) and  the musicians, Michael Dick, Azo Bell and Peter Dehlsen

Together we “are linked by the moving line of drawing itself “- Deanna Petheridge, The primacy of drawing (2010)

This work is ongoing and is as open-ended as a drawn line is long. This final improvised performance in this Masters project was designed from elements harvested as knowledge from the previous performances. This work introduces video projections as an inclusive device. The drawings will be embellished through the use of Tagtool, an electronic drawing device discovered during the Masters research project.  A work of art that makes use of all or many art forms to create a complete artwork can be referred to by the term Gesamtkunstwerk. I review the notion of Gesamtkunstwerk in relation to this performance event.

Photographer Alberto Sanchez