Through the act drawing I converse and perform with public space and sound. Drawing is my dialogue. I spontaneously translate my immediate experience into line, form and gesture. Incorporating new media projections into a mix of live image making an elemental dimension has been realized. My drawings have begun to breathe.


Act 1 is a part of my ongoing oeuvre of drawing musicians in the motion of performance. The communion between the figure of the Double Bass player and his instrument resonate in its absence. That transformational space in between is the potential liminal zone of experience.


Through a live drawing enquiry I identify and investigate the interconnected experience of human engagement and translate these elements into drawn works. For me, performance drawing is an immediate means of response that allows an authentic process of collaboration and improvisation.


This practice enables the possibility of an inclusive form of cultural interaction, which incorporates the artist, the act of drawing as performance and the audience.

grant macintyre photography