In honor of the weird, wonderful and phenomenal beings that have entertained and informed the world I give you Botticelli’s Beasts. This sideshow family was collaged from a disintegrating antique book of Botticelli’s paintings. With ink, pencil  and paper I drew these images into a new existence. Botticelli’s Beasts  recognize the unique freak that lives within the individual.

Perkoe was the dwarf jester of Heidlberg Castle in 18th century Germany. Famous for his intelligent humor and never saying ‘no’ to a drink, he was the famed protector of the barrel. A portrait of him still remains in the castle.

The Elongator is a character from the novel “All my friends are super hero’s”. In despair she tried to stretch herself around the city, in order to beat the time barrier to save the man she lost.

The centaur is a being caught between worlds. The half human and half horse, he is instilled with both a wild and innocent nature.

The bearded lady has raised interest for centuries and is known for her seductive power. In the middle ages it was believed a bearded lady was cursed by god and more recently in the early 20th century, a women’s beard was believed to be the result of an unhappy love affair. Annie Jones became a member of P.T. Barnum’s circus at the age of Four. She was famed not only for her beard, but also for her 2meter long mane of hair and her grace and charm.

Drawing on the heritage of circus families, I made this image in reverie of the close friendship I have with my little sister.